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The Shoei J.O Gratte-Ciel is a classic open face helmet with modern quality and safety. Shoei’s attention to detail is evident in all aspects of the J.O design. The name of this graphic means ‘skyscraper’ in French: spray-paint splashes on matt grey and black give a unique urban look. It also features the number ’59’ – the year Shoei was founded.

The outer shell is extremely lightweight, with a compact design. Constructed from Shoei’s ultra-tough AIM material, the Shoei J.O offers the maximum protection possible with an open face helmet. The duck tail shape of the rear gives a classic look, mirroring the rear fender of a custom bike. The interior is made from a soft, plush fabric for high comfort on long rides.

A combination of glossy and nubuck leather is used to line the underside of the helmet. The nubuck is non-reflective to minimize glare on the visor, and the glossy leather gives a premium, classic look and feel. The vintage design concept extends to even the small details, such as the Shoei J.O original tag on the inside of the helmet. A retro Shoei logo is also featured on the goggle strap.

It’s not all about looks with the Shoei J.O. Wind turbulence and dry eyes can be a big problem with open face helmets, so Shoei have designed an entirely new visor to stop wind entering the helmet. The CJ-3 visor is specific to the J.O, with a classic round shape and upturned lower edges. This shape deflects wind away from the helmet when it hits the visor, improving rider comfort and focus for a more enjoyable ride.

The J.O can be worn and adjusted in several ways, for a perfect fit and custom look. It comes in 3 shell sizes and the visor’s height is 3-step adjustable, to suit a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. Dark smoke and yellow visors are available separately, for optimum vision in all conditions. The visor can be removed to wear goggles, and multi-density cheek pads allow for glasses to fit inside the helmet. With the trusted D-ring fastening system, the chinstrap will be perfectly secure every time.

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